RedisConf 2016

  As you may recall, I moved into a new focus in January of this year.  It’s REALLY outside of my comfort zone from a focus perspective.  The Cloud Native Apps team I belong to is really not focused on “storage” or even a particular OS/Hypervisor like I’ve done in the past.  It’s geared towards […]

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EMC World 2016 12 Factor App FTW

    Last week Brian Verkley (@bverkley) and I had the extreme pleasure of presenting at the 2016 EMC World in Las Vegas.  We were part of “Code and Modern Operations” Track.  Our discussion was around 12 Factor App development as it relates to Cloud Native Apps.  We took the audience made up mostly of […]

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New Year with a new focus

  Over 5 years ago I left a storage startup to move to EMC to be a vSpecialist.  Probably one of the most Pivotal (pun intended) moves I’ve ever made.  The numerous opportunities afforded to me here at EMC has been crazy.  I went from being a vSpecialist individual contributor, to a vSpecialist Manager to […]

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My thoughts on EMC and Dell

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it hundreds of times. If you don’t like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less and that is no truer yesterday than it is today and tomorrow. The amount of change IT is going through is incredible. If you aren’t always trying to figure […]

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So what does this all mean

  This is my ElReg style title   You like ?!?! HAHA   <tap tap tap> is this blog still on?   What an amazing time to be in the technology sector and information infrastructure as a whole.  So many things going on, so many opportunities and so much information to consume.  It can sometimes […]

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Austin VMUG Preso–Disruption

  I had the absolute pleasure of delivering the lunch keynote at the April 7th VMware UserGroup Conference in Austin.  I always enjoy presenting and love it even more when I can be vendor neutral and talk about things that are passionate to me.  This presentation is focused on disruption, which interestingly enough is something […]

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