How To Install EMC ProSphere

<Update May 21st ProSphere was updated to 2.0, the install is still the same) <Updated Jan 14th to include links to setting up VMware with ProSphere, and Cisco Switches – links at the bottom> In December, the Storage Resource Management Suite was updated and with that came ProSphere 1.7.  If you are not familiar with […]

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Storage Resource Management Suite

  Hopefully you read my blog post around IT Transformation.  If you recall, the whole movement around IT Transformation is the understanding that various companies’ differentiated value is coming more and more from their customer facing Applications.  Because of this, more and more attention needs to be focused on these applications.  This is driving the […]

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Introducing EMC Elect

  One of the things that drove me to social media (Twitter+Blogging+Facebook+Linkedin etc) was a desire to share with the community, good, bad or indifferent, but sharing none-the less.  It’s probably a lot of the same reasons others gravitated towards this medium.  It’s not for everyone, but for those that embrace it, they can certainly […]

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IT Transformation

  Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.  This is pretty true when describing trends in IT over the last few years.  Every week, IT groups battle for relevancy within the organization they support.  Ever heard the running joke that IT puts the “NO” in innovation?  Being able to respond quickly to […]

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