iPad Apps for the Road Warrior

So, we are a couple of days away from Christmas and the craziness that comes with it!! I know a few people that are giving themselves “iPads” for Christmas!!  That’s my kind of gift 🙂  Since my hope is many of you will be getting iPads soon, I thought I would list out some of the apps I use a lot and would love to hear feedback from others on some of the apps you may have and enjoy !!

Here is the list.  It’s not in any certain order – and it’s not a list of all of my apps, just the ones I use the most.


  •   Dropbox – go get an account – it ROCKS.  I use it to keep my work laptop, home desktop as well as my iPhone and iPad sync’d.  It’s a cloud service.  In fact, let me know if you want an account and I’ll send you an invite which gives me more capacity. – By the way – if you are with EMC and on the EMC network – this is blocked 😦  Not sure why.
  •   Goodreader – it connects into DropBox and gives you the ability to view word, excel, PPT, PDFs but not Visio and the PPT is not always 100%.  I love this app especially for reading whitepapers !!
  •   FlightTracker Pro – uses TripIt.com to monitor your flights etc.  its pretty cool.
  •   Wyse PocketCloud Pro – I love this app.
  •   Echofon – decent twitter client
  •   NewsRack – nice RSS reader – I use it to connect into my Google Reader account – it syncs your RSS feeds when you launch it.  Great way to keep up with Bloggers <Hint Hint> 🙂
  •   Evernote – I use it for note taking during meetings.  It sync’s to the cloud and you can run a desktop version that will keep both sync’d.  This has replaced Microsoft OneNote for me.  Well, until OneNote can give me the same features.
  •   BeejiveIM  – this is an all in one type Messenger client (MSN, Yahoo, AOL etc).  It supports push technology which means when you don’t have it launched, it will ping you when a new message comes in. 
  •   InstaPaper – this is useful when you read something online and want to read it offline etc.  Look into it, you will find it useful. 
  •   The SAN RAID Calculator – This was a storage utilization app that one of my buddies wrote
  •   Skype – Make / Receive Skype calls from you iPad.
  •   USA Today – nice app.
  •  FlipBoard – It’s called a Social Magazine – it’s pretty cool.
  •  CNN – Just updated their App – on the iPad it ROCKS.  Wish it had better “Offline Features”
  •  Kindle – Great app if you like to read books.
  •  Bandwidth Calc –  same buddy of mine that wrote “The SAN RAID Calc” app wrote this one for disaster recovery / bandwidth discussions
  •  Marvel and DC Comics – if you like Comic books – these are some cool apps.
  •  NetFlix – Perfect for business trips or family vacations.  It streams really well to a TV using this cable.
  •  Pandora – Great music streaming app
  •  American Airlines App

 Braindead, fun games – Portable Baby sitters if you have kids !!

 Merry Christmas !!


3 thoughts on “iPad Apps for the Road Warrior

  1. Awesome list! Definitely a few new ones I need to Test out…
    I use Evernote when in a pinch, but I still think Evernote doesn’t compare to Onenote – so I usually pull out my MacBook Air for notetaking (running VMware Fusion) & use dropbox to keep my Onenote notebooks in sync…

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