Time to vote for VMworld presentations


This year marks the first year I’ve submitted a presentation abstract to vmworld.  I actually submitted 3 🙂  Go big, or go home right !!  I made it through the first pass, and now it’s on to the open vote.  I thought I would pull together the three topics I’ve submitted with a brief abstract of what we would be covering.  There are a ton of great presentation abstracts on the site so don’t feel obligated to vote for any of my three, although I would really appreciate it !!  If you are interested in voting, just go to www.vmworld.com and create an account.  Click on the “Vote Now” button and it will take you to the site.  All you need to do is click on the “Hand” under the session name.  You have until May 18th to vote, but why wait until the last minute 🙂

By the way, if you’ve submitted a session, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments section.  So head over to www.vmworld.com and vote!! 

Here are the three that I’m participating in:

2187 – The Top Ten Virtual Desktop Security Best Practices

Erin Banks (@Banksek)

Tommy Trogden (@vTexan)

So you’ve made the decision to explore virtual desktops – or are already in the process of deploying them. It’s critical to not lose sight of the importance of desktop security in your implementation in order to ensure its success for your organization. Come to this session for a walk-through of the top ten virtual desktop security best practices developed through actual real-world implementations. Each best practice will include a real-life situation from a customer deployment and a demonstration of implementing that practice.


2901 – Best Practices for Medium-Sized VMware View Deployments of up to 300 Users

Aaron Chaisson (@AaronChaisson)

Tommy Trogden (@vTexan)

A Google search on the phrase “VMware View reference architecture” returns nearly 18,000 results (remove the quotes and you’ll get over 250,000 results). A large number of the results that show up near the beginning of the list describe building for thousands or even tens of thousands of desktop clients. They offer advice and best practices for maximizing performance while reducing cost while implementing those thousands of virtual desktops. If you’ve got thousands of desktops, this session is not for you.

If, however, your desktop virtualization project is less ambitious, say, up to 300 desktops, this is the session you’re looking for. You’ll see examples of actual implementations. You’ll learn best practices developed through those implementations for getting the same performance and cost-reduction benefits that those larger reference architectures talk about. Lastly, you’ll see demonstrations of tools you can use to quickly and easily configure and manage your View deployment.


2976 – Your Own VMware vSphere Home Lab – An Installation Guide

Simon Seagrave (@Kiwi_Si)

Tommy Trogden (@vTexan)

Rob Peglar (@Peglarr)

Jay Weinshenker (@aus_effendi)

Kendrick Coleman (@kendrickcoleman)

Are you thinking about getting your VCP, VCAP, or VCDX certification? Maybe you just want to improve your familiarity with various VMware or partner products, or you’re wondering how some crazy configuration idea you’ve had would actually work. The best way to learn is by doing and what better place to learn (or to test new ideas without putting your production environment as risk) than the comfort of your own home?

Come to this session to get tips and tricks on building your own VMware home lab. Using their own hands-on experience and actual home labs as examples, the presenters will cover: hardware options, vSphere installation and configuration lessons learned the hard way, tips for getting the most for your money, how to get software licenses, where to get free Virtual Storage Appliances (VSAs), and mistakes to avoid.



10 thoughts on “Time to vote for VMworld presentations

  1. Hey Tommy,

    Thanks for reminding me. I’m going to be busy with my voting today.

    My session is: 2402: Converging the Data Center with Multihop FCoE, specifically focusing on the “third rail” of Data Centers – the convergence of networking teams. Thanks for allowing me to plug my session along with yours. 🙂


  2. Good luck to you Tommy!

    While your followers are voting, I would love to see 1953 get some love: Virtualize Your Network.. Your Social Network That Is

    Here’s the premise –
    Enthusiasm for VMware products has resulted in globally-dispersed communities of expert users. Our presentation will guide attendees through best practices to connect with the multitude of crowdsource-able experts with the goal of personal develop through knowledge transfer from the best in the field.

  3. A topic your readers may find interesting is 2156 Expanding VM Mobility with OTV and LISP.
    This session will focus on how VMware administrators can expand the mobility of their VMs across Layer 3 boundaries in a safe manner using Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) and Locator ID Separator Protocol (LISP). These technologies when used together solve many of the traditional networking challenges with extending a VLAN or IP subnet across multiple facilities. This session will discuss the mechanics of each protocol with use cases detailing considerations and for design and deployment.

    Thank you for letting me “advertise” here! 🙂


  4. Another topic you may find interesting is 1866 – Advanced Persona Management and User-Centric Desktop Virtualization

    Go beyond the basics of desktop virtualization by centralizing and virtualizing the user’s persona, enabling self-healing, translating user settings across application versions, or even applying security to applications without the use of group policy. Understand the components of the user’s persona and how powerful techniques and tools can be used to enhance centralized control of virtual desktops while at the same time improving the overall user experience. This breakout will introduce the audience to advanced persona management techniques that are based on real-world implementations.

  5. Title: Drama in the Data Center: Using Virtualization to Enhance IT Security
    Abstract: While virtualization brings many benefits, security threats from outside (and inside) remain a problem regardless of how much of the data center you’ve virtualized. Recent events have shown the rise of newer, sophisticated attacks like Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

  6. Here’s mine:
    Title: 1927 Data Collision: How Virtualization is Converging Enterprise Networks
    Abstract: Virtualization changes the approach to networking, spanning from the LAN and SAN to the WAN (for remote vMotion and cloud deployments). Virtualization is a rising tide that has lifted all storage networking protocols and is a catalyst for the convergence trend in IT. VMware is becoming more important to the networking landscape; learn about the technologies to watch and how to prepare your organization to thrive in the new IT reality.

  7. Tommy,

    Just voted for your sessions. Good luck. My session is 2765 Fighting the Flood with View & VDI. Real Life Best Practices on the Journey to VDI and How It Helped Carver County with Workers at Risk.


  8. Good idea with this post, Tommy! My session is #2123, Real-World vCloud Tiering Strategies. Death to gold, silver and bronze, let’s talk about tiers that actually fit real business models!

  9. Tommy, thanks for this post. Lots of good session to go vote for. My two sessions are:
    –2199 VDI in Education – Case Study
    –2202 vCloud Director in Training Role

    I am really excited about the VDI case study. This is a large school district moving to VDI on a Vblock. They have done some amazing things in their POC/Pilot, and have some great information to share on overcoming budget crisis with the help of VDI.

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