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This week I had the awesome opportunity to work the Oracle Open World show ECN Community Logo-smallin San Francisco.  I was there mostly as an invite from the EMC Oracle Social Media/Marketing team to help with a couple of fun #oowHunt (Scavanger Hunt) things and had a blast participating.  Personally I think Oracle has a little more ways to go on the Social Media front before they can catch up to the great communities like VMware and EMC but I can certainly see the potential !! 

In preparation for this trip I decided it was probably in my best interest to hone up on all of my Oracle skills that have gotten dusty, if non-existent over the years and set off reading as many blogs, whitepapers and other information I could come up with.  Once I was done bookmarking all of these sites, I thought I would simply turn this into a blog post for others to use.  Hopefully you will find this useful. 

  • oracle_01First things first, let’s address the big elephant in the room.  if I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard this a 1000 times “Oracle doesn’t support running their stuff on VMware”.  Now, normally it’s that sort of generic statement I hear the most, but sometimes they do get more specific and mention databases.


  • The first site you should visit is VMware’s very own VMware and Oracle partner page here: – they have just a ton of resources available.  Not to mention, VMware has Oracle specialist in the field so don’t hesitate to reach out to your local VMware team and find out who this person is.




  • The second site you should vist, and this is more for EMC customers is our Oracle vplex wpreally cool “Everything Oracle on EMC” OracleRACvSPhere5PPT” community site.  Sam Lucido (@EMCOracle) is doing a fantastic job of building up the content and information on this site.  It has some really good information.  Specifically at VMworld 2011, we presented on  “vSphere 5 Best Practices for Oracle RAC Virtualization” .  If you are looking at Oracle RAC on vSphere 5, check out the PPT.  Even if you aren’t interested in running this on VMware, check out the community site.
  • Another great document you can find on the community site is our whitepaper on stretched Oracle RAC on vPlex solution. 


  • One of our ROCKSTAR vSpecialist is an Ex Oracle, Ex VMware guy that has such a passion for both technologies.  Larry Grant has a GREAT blog over at that you should check out. 



  • My “go to” Oracle + VMware guy is actually an EMC Customer.  Jay Weinshenker blogs over at  He is an Oracle and VMware rockstar and has probably forgotten more about RedHat linux then I would ever hope to learn.  Make sure you check out his blog site for more info.  You can also follow him on Twitter over at @Aus_Effendi

So, this is a short list but it should get you moving in the right direction.  If nothing else, I’ve pointed out a lot of free resource that you should be taking advantage of.  As always, if you are a VMware + Oracle blogger please don’t hesitate to leave your blog site URL in the comments section.

Check back to this page often, I’m sure I’ll be making updates to it.







One thought on “My Top Oracle on VMware Resources

  1. Appreciate being mentioned in that list – all are resources I follow. Couple of further notes – Larry is on twitter at @DrvCloud and Kevin is at @kevinclosson and finally another EMC person (Allan Robertson) at @dba_emc2

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