VMware View Backup Best Practices


Talk about your perfect timing.  Hot off the presses last week was the veryView Backup timely VMware View 5 Performance Best Practice Guide that I blogged about and then I see a tweet from Scott Sauer (@ssauer) about the new VMware View Backup Best Practices Deployment and Technical considerations guide.  The funny part is I had lunch with one customer, and dinner with another customer this week and both of them brought up the topic of Backup and Disaster Recovery thoughts around View.  Like I said, just perfect timing.  If you just want to hear it from the horses’ mouth, click on the document to the right and it will take you right to VMware’s site to download and read !!  For those of you looking for the cliff’s notes version, keep reading 🙂

Among the things I’m sure that keeps an IT organization up at night is backups and when you layer on top Virtual Desktops it becomes doubly important.  For backup_disk_save_floppythose that have deployed VDI (View or Citrix) you know that there can be a lot of VM’s and things that are important and need to be backed up.  You have things like View Connection Server, ThinApp, Transfer Server, vCenter (with View Composer on it) along with both of their databases, Active Directory,  the actual master desktops the list goes on and on.  Did I also happen to mention the other stuff like the users’ CIFS shares, and the various datastores that you might be using?  Keep all of that in mind when you are pulling together your backup plan.

Speaking of plan, the document gives you a pretty good short list of things to backup.  They also link to articles on VMware’s website on how to do each of these.

  • Back up vSphere
  • Back up View Connection Server AD-LDS Datastore
  • Back up View Composer database
  • Back up vCenter database 


They also go on to list other things like Linked-Clone desktops, Stateful virtual disasterphotodesktops, stateless virtual desktops etc.  Again, with each of these they go into detail on how to back them up,  and most importantly they also explain how to RESTORE them !!  

From a disaster recovery point of view, I have yet to see a good whitepaper on this, so in the mean time, make sure those same VM’s and information you are backing up is also replicating to your disaster recovery site.  I would also encourage you to include this in your disaster recovery plans and make sure you understand the process of bringing each of these systems back online. 

Here’s looking for the next great VMware View whitepaper !!


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