Time to vote for the top blogs and bloggers

As you guys know, I’m a huge proponent of blogging as a means to push content out to theimage greater community.  If you ask me a question about technology, most of the time I’ll respond with links to blog posts that I found the answer in.  I’ve used blogs and Google more times then not to solve home lab as well as datacenter issues that have come up in my day to day life.  As a blogger that is focused on the virtualization landscape, and lately storage and end user computing I understand the amount of time and effort it takes to continually crank out content.  We do this for a lot of reasons but most started off blogging as  a means to help others and sort of “pay it forward”

Eric Siebert over at vSphere-Land.com has released his updated list of VMware/ Virtualization bloggers with an opportunity for readers to vote on their favorites.  The hard part is there is more then 10 bloggers listed and all of them are pretty good so the decision on the top 10 is going to be tough.  As you go through the process the first round of questions is to simply pick 10 bloggers.  The next page is the opportunity to rank them from 1 – 10 with each spot weighted with points so just as difficult as it was to pick 10, now you have to rank them !!  The higher up the ranking, the more points you get.

Whether you vote for me, or ranking me 1st – 10th just make sure you vote.  All these bloggers put an incredible amount of time and effort into their site with the sole purpose of pushing content out for others to learn from.  Also, just note that while the list is pretty long, there are a lot of other great blog sites that aren’t on the list.  Its just amazing the virtualization community !!

So, get out and vote !!



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