Updating View Agent & Installing Remote Experience Pack


So hopefully you’ve been following along on my adventures of upgrading my VMware View 5.1 environment to the latest VMware Horizon View 5.2 in my home lab.  So far we’ve done the following:

Updated the VMware Connection Broker.

Added the new End User Experience Pack to the Broker

We’ve updated VMware View Composer

Up to this point, we’ve been upgrading most of the major components.  Now we are going to upgrade the golden master desktop image to View agent 5.2 and also install the new Remote Experience Feature pack.  If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s the new HTML Blast as well as the Unity Touch feature that was talked about at last years VMworld.  – Andre Leibovici over at MyVirtualCloud.Net went into some pretty good detail on some of the new stuff: http://myvirtualcloud.net/?p=4627

First things first, lets power up the master image and console into it to see what version I was running before.  To do that, go to Control Panel, Programs and Features and scroll down and we can see this image is running 5.0.0 so it’s time to take this to 5.2 !


Before update


1. Double click the VMware View Agent 64bit icon and lets get this started.

1 - Icon

2. You should see the familiar splash screen:

2 - Splash screen

3. Next you will see the “Welcome to the Install Wizard” screen…click Next

3 - Install wizard - next

4 – accept the EULA

4 - Vmware EULA

5 – In the Customer Setup area, you can pick and choose which options you want.  I took the defaults and clicked Next.

5 - custom setup options

6 – At this point, it’s ready to install everything we’ve asked it to do.  So just click INSTALL

6 - ready to install agent

7 – We are almost done.  Just click FINISH

7 - Installer Completed

8 – Now you will see that the install requires a reboot.  Once the system comes back online, we will move to the next part which is installing the HTML Blast Feature pack.

8 - reboot desktop


Now that the Windows VM is back online, lets go ahead and install the Remote Experience Feature pack.  To do that go to the download folder and double click the VMware Horizon View 5.2 Remote Experience Agent

1. Double click the install icon

1 - double click

2. Accept the EULA

2 - Accept the EULA

3. Here you will see the options to install the HTML Access and Unity Touch – take the defaults and click INSTALL

3 - take the defaults of HTML access and unity touch

4. And you will see the progress

4 - watch it go

5.  If everything works, you will see the “Setup Completed” screen and you can click Finish.

5 - its done


That was easy.  I would release the IP from the command line and then power down the VM and get it ready for the pool creation process.

Now let’s go create a new pool to take advantage of these new features.


One thought on “Updating View Agent & Installing Remote Experience Pack

  1. It’s important to note that the Remote Experience pack requires the Windows Firewall to be enabled. This could cause issues for some customers where port-blocking all of a sudden becomes an issue.

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