Updated EMC EUC Reference Architectures


2014 is the year of EUC Smile 

Because of this EMC has recently updated their list of EUC Reference architectures with nice additions from the XtremIO team.  In an effort to help other track down where all of these EMC Reference Architectures are located, I’ve made it really simple.  At least simple for me and my horrible memory Smile  You can get all of EMC’s Reference Architectures by going to www.vtexan.com/EMCVDI or you can scroll up and see it listed across the title bar above.




First and foremost HUGE thanks to Jim Sanzone (@theSANzone ) who keeps this up to date on the “Everything VMware at EMC” Community site and I’m simply copy/pasting it to this page.  Like I said, its just an effort to help me not have to Google it each time Smile


Look for more Reference Architectures rolling out of XtremIO over the next few months !  And EMBRACE IT – 2014…it’s the year of VDI Smile






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