On to my next adventure


I’ve been in presales for about 15+ years and in that time I’ve been an individual imagecontributor as well as managed and built presales engineering teams.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing.  Another aspect of these different roles is it gave me a tremendous opportunity to learn different kinds of technologies, applications, solutions and share that information with others.  This manifested itself into conversations, presentations, as well as this very blog site.  There is something very cool and exciting about learning something new, and then sharing it with others !  Which takes me into the title of this blog post. 

One of the really nice advantages of working for EMC is the numerous opportunities you imagecan take advantage of in following different career paths that might interest you. An opportunity and interest has presented itself in the EMC marketing organization.  One of the challenges EMC has been faced with these last few years is educating our customers on the direction we are moving in.  Gone are the days of being focused on just storage, and specifically in changing the image and brand of EMC as a spinning disk based storage company.   Heck, just look at the acquisitions EMC has done in just the last 10 years.  From VMware, Avamar, Legato, Isilon, RSA, XtremIO, to Greenplum, Pivotal, CloudScalling, DSSD.  EMC has been on an incredible journey to change its momentum around our legacy brand. Jeremy Burton realized that this amount of change would need a specialized Marketing team to help bridge across these different business units.  Formally this was called the XBU Global Product marketing team but the XBU part has been dropped and now the team is the Global Product marketing team being run out of Jonathan Martin’s (Chief Marketing Officer for EMC) Organization  .  I’ll be joining that team as a Director and as one of 6 Global EMC Evangelists.  This team will focus on the following four 2015 EMC priorities.  Those are:

  1. Flash Everywhere 
  2. EMC Hybrid Cloud Offerings
  3. Converged/HyperConverged Solutions
  4. BigData/DataLakes


This new role is an awesome opportunity to focus on something I really enjoy doing whichimage is learning and educating.  Nothing makes me more happy than watching the light bulb go on in customer meetings as we walk through the different types of offerings the EMC Federation can deliver.  This new role gives me the opportunity to focus specifically on helping educate customers. 

Here’s to a very exciting 2015 and truly living my “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less” motto Smile 



8 thoughts on “On to my next adventure

  1. Awesome Tommy. You’ve been educating me for years and every shared customer that you’ve been in front of has been better for it. I’m excited to see how you will bring even more relevance to the EMC brand and help our clients solve more of their challenges. Congrats sir!

  2. Tommy this is a great move for you.Congratulations! I look forward to the awesome things you are going to do in this role with great interest. Happy New Year!

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