Are you going to EMC World ?


So last week Chad Sakac (who is my bosses, bosses, bosses, bosses, boss 🙂 ) sent out an e-mail to the vSpecialist team reminding everyone that EMC World is coming FAST AND FURIOUS !!!  (May 9-12 in VEGAS ) I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.  It will be my first EMC World and it looks like an absolute action packed week !!  My hope is to get an opportunity to help with some of the labs that our vSpecialist “Field Enablement Team” will be dreaming up !! If you are not familiar with this group, they are responsible for creating most of our content as well the KILLER labs that are setup at the various places we present at like VMworld, VMUGS and EMC World just to name a few !!!


So for those that are not familiar with EMC World, let me share what little I know about it.  If you are familiar with VMworld, I’ve been told it’s pretty similar.  If you’ve never been to a VMworld then let me try to explain the best that I can!!  It’s been described as weeklong geekfest.  TONZ and TONZ of technical training are offered up as well as hands on labs, and various breakout sessions.  For those that are new to storage, or datacenter technologies it’s a great opportunity to get some serious hands on.  If you are a grizzled datacenter veteran with the battle scars to prove it, then there are breakouts, hands on labs and training for you as well!!


What I’m looking most forward to is all the networking opportunities that happen at these sorts of events.  I’ve meet CEO’s, VP’s, developers and UBER Smart fellow geeks that are nice to known when you need them !!!  These networking events give me the chance to bounce ideas and issues off of and try to come up with solutions or “whatever you do, don’t try this or bad things happen” type conversations as it relates to technology (or life in general J ) 

So for all of you EMC World veterans, give me some pointers since this is my first one !!  I wish someone had pointed out how awesome the labs were at VMworld, so I know I won’t miss those !!  What else?


2 thoughts on “Are you going to EMC World ?

  1. Tommy,
    The good news is that all of the presentations from EMC World are available to attendees after the conference, because there’s no way that you can see all that you want (even with most session being run twice). Prioritize your schedule, you’ll want to get to the hands-on stuff in-person. For networking, you’ll want to be sure to spend some time in the blogger’s lounge (I assume they’ll have it again, haven’t seen a post from Len yet), plus you’ve got lots of vSpecialists there that I’m sure will help you connect.
    Will be good to see you there, will be my first EMC World as a former EMCer.
    I wrote about the event in 2009 ( and 2010 (

  2. Tommy,
    Hands down the Bloggers lounge is the place to be! Sessions are good walking the floor is tiring but good..
    The conversations at EMC World’s Blogger loung is priceless… Len and team do a fantastic job providing a comfortable area where bloggers can collaborate.


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