RedisConf 2016

  As you may recall, I moved into a new focus in January of this year.  It’s REALLY outside of my comfort zone from a focus perspective.  The Cloud Native Apps team I belong to is really not focused on “storage” or even a particular OS/Hypervisor like I’ve done in the past.  It’s geared towards […]

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EMC World 2016 12 Factor App FTW

    Last week Brian Verkley (@bverkley) and I had the extreme pleasure of presenting at the 2016 EMC World in Las Vegas.  We were part of “Code and Modern Operations” Track.  Our discussion was around 12 Factor App development as it relates to Cloud Native Apps.  We took the audience made up mostly of […]

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DFW Area May 2013 VMUG

I had the pleasure of talking about “End User Computing, The Journey Starts Here” at the May 2013 DFW Area VMware User Group a couple of weeks ago.  HUGE thanks to Brad Christian (@BChristian21) for the opportunity to present ! Nothing is more exciting then getting a chance to nerd out with fellow VMware focused […]

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Austin VMUG User Conference

I wanted to give everyone a heads up that next week, April 2nd I’m going to be the keynote speaker at the big Austin Area VMUG User Conference.  Needless to say, I’m mixed with excitement as well as nervous energy!  I take speaking at these VMUG’s pretty seriously and especially when they asked me to […]

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Introducing EMC Elect

  One of the things that drove me to social media (Twitter+Blogging+Facebook+Linkedin etc) was a desire to share with the community, good, bad or indifferent, but sharing none-the less.  It’s probably a lot of the same reasons others gravitated towards this medium.  It’s not for everyone, but for those that embrace it, they can certainly […]

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