DFW Area May 2013 VMUG

I had the pleasure of talking about “End User Computing, The Journey Starts Here” at thecropped EUC Journey Starts Here May 2013 DFW Area VMware User Group a couple of weeks ago.  HUGE thanks to Brad Christian (@BChristian21) for the opportunity to present ! Nothing is more exciting then getting a chance to nerd out with fellow VMware focused peeps !  And then you add the debut viewing of “StarTrek – Into the Darkness” and that’s like the making of a “Perfect Storm” of nerdyness !!

I decided to present on the topic I love best which is EUC and it centered around a couple of things.  First, “EUC is WAY more than just VDI” and we discussed what that means, and then I went through a couple of things to consider when designing out storage solutions (Vendor Neutral) for your VDI environment and then finally we talked about “It takes a Village” in regards to all the vTexanStarTrekdifferent technologies, IT groups (Networking, Server, Storage etc) that it can touch and how everyone needs to work together to make a VDI deployment wildly successful. 


Oh ya, the one bit of controversy (if you can call it that) was around non-persistent desktops vs persistent desktops.   I discussed why I think with the proliferation of all FLASH-Based Arrays, coupled with new inline Deduplication and compression options, Persistent desktops might be the way to go.  I’ll have a follow up blog just on this topic because I think it’s something that needs to be discussed amongst the VDI group !

With all that said, I’m going to try and do a better job of posting my presentations online.  Keep in mind, sometimes what’s in the slide is not exactly what I talked about. Smile  Slides are simply background music to what I’m discussing. 



PS – HUGE shout out to David Mooreland over at @Houseofmaddog and www.houseofmaddog.com for the killer graphics. Smile He happens to work for Brian Carpenter over at @InTheDC – you should follow both of them. 




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