The value of community VMware vExpert 2013


W0OT !!  VMware vExpert 2013 !

When I got into social media a few years ago it was mostly an outlet to research and absorb as much information as my brain would allow.  I lurked and gleaned as much info as I could.  As I got imagemore comfortable, I started to interact more and eventually felt the desire to give back to the community in any way I could as thanks for the information others have so freely shared.  Years later this has moved into more of a passion then anything else.  This passion has opened up some incredible opportunities to me both professionally and personally!  What is really cool is every once in a while you can get recognized for sharing your passion with others.  In this case, I received the great news that my application for VMware vExpert 2013 was approved and I was added to the roster of other like-minded, passionate VMware individuals. 

I’d like to first thank VMware and specifically John Troyer (twitter: @jtroyer ) and team for understanding, and promoting the value of this vibrant community.  The fact that they tryimage and recognize some of them with the VMware vExpert designation is really cool.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to sift through all the applications, reviewing all the online information about each one of the applicants, and then approve a certain number of them.  It should be pointed out, just because someone has not been approved this year, is in no reflection their value to the community.  I think in a lot of ways, each year the bar just gets set higher and higher. 

By the way, Twitter and blogging is not the only or best way to get recognized.  I’ve spoken to more then a few people about this subject.  vExpert, EMC Elect and all the other types imageof community recognition programs don’t just look at twitter or blogging as a means to make a decision.  They also take into consideration your involvement in online forums, as well as active (read: presenting, leading etc) the various User Groups that these companies offer.  So if you are interested in being a vExpert, and you don’t want to blog, I would suggest doing volunteer work for things like the VMware User Group. If you don’t have one in your community, start one up !  Either way, there are 7 months left in the year, it’s time to make a difference in the community if you want to be considered next year !

While I have your attention, I’d like to personally thank Tintri, Veeam, and TrainSignal  ( FYI – vTexan Sponsor) for being such awesome supporters of the vExpert program.  Tintri imagestepped up BIG TIME and is giving each vExpert a really cool, personalized polo with their twitter handle on it.  Veeam is giving away free NFR copies of their Backup Management Suite and TrainSignal is giving away 12 month – all access pass – to the vExperts as well. THAT’S HUGE !  THANK YOU !!! but wait…there is MORE !!  VMware also gives each vExpert VMware software licenses for use in their home labs.  THAT ROCKS !

Once again, a huge thank you to VMware and John’s team for this opportunity to be a member of the VMware vExpert program for the third year in the row.  It just adds more fuel to my passion for community involvement! Also, congrats to all of those that received the vExpert designation this year.  Thank you for continuing to raise the bar ! 






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