The Legendary VMworld 2012 Hands On Labs list

<Updated Aug 22>

Hot off the presses – in the immortal words of Barney Stinson !



This years VMword HoL is indeed going to be legendary !!  For those of you that have imagebeen to VMworlds in the past, you understand the value of the VMware HoL. In most cases, you schedule your sessions around the labs because that’s really were the rubber meets the road.  To say they have taken it up a notch for this years HoL is an understatement.  Allow me to take you through some of the highlights as I understand them.


Please note – any of this can change between now and next week.

One of the biggest thing that stands out to me is their embrace of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept for this years HoL.  Not only will they have over 400(ea) VDI workstations with dual monitors etc, they will also be offering BYOD stations as well. 

Each imagegroup of stations will follow a theme.  1 theme, is the “Living Room” concept with imagecouches, and end tables, they will also have a “Coffee House” theme with tables and chairs (no coffee barista..BOOOO) as well as “Airport Theme” with airport style stations to plug your laptops or tablets into for power.  There will also be “Bean Bag” sections as well for those of you looking to just chill out while you are working on your labs.  All of the BYOD stations will connect to the labs via a WiFi and they will have some technicians hanging around to make sure you get your device all squared away.  They will also have power outlets as well !  How cool is all of that?

Want to lean more about the BYOD process, and what devices and versions of OS’s supported.  Look no further then this YouTube video that describes it all !!


In addition to the BYOD stations, for those of you that have had to stand in line to wait for stations, you will appreciate some of the new features available to you while you wait.  As imageyou make your way through into the “Greenroom” you will notice a Theater seating section where various speakers will be brought in to talk about different technology things.  In addition, Horizon Application Manager will be up and running in various stations allowing users to see where they are in the queue, as well as have access to training and education videos on various products in an effort to fill up some of the time you are waiting to for your station to become available.  I also happen to notice that on the map, they list a “Gaming” section Smile  Might be interesting to see how quickly that table fills up !

All of these new enhancements should help the HoL team shatter last years numbers. In years past they averaged about 10,000 to 12,000 people flowing through the Labs with an additional 3000 to 5000 that came back through to do more then 2 or 3 labs in the given week.  Clearly there is value in the labs !!

If you need even more motivation to get to the HoL – below is a list of the most of the labs that will be available. 

Like I said, this years HoL is going to be Legendary!!

Lab ID

Lab Title – Pre-Launch


Manage Your Cloud Applications with VMware vFabric Application Director


Deploy Applications in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) World with Cloud Foundry


Enable Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Your Cloud with VMware vFabric Data Director


Implement Cloud Ready Databases with VMware vFabric SQLFire


Scale Your Applications with VMware vFabric


Build and Operate the Mobile Secure Desktop


Build and Operate the Business Process Desktop


Troubleshoot and Optimize VMware View


Discover VMware Horizon Application Manager (Available in English and Japanese)


Never Lose an Email, or a Sense of Security, with VMware Zimbra


Create Stunning Presentations with SlideRocket


Social Collaboration for Your Enterprise with VMware Socialcast


Secure and Simple Cloud Backup with Mozy


Essential IT Management with VMware vCenter Protect


Explore vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS) New Features (Available in English and Japanese)


Automate Your vSphere Deployment with Auto Deploy


Deliver Optimal Performance with VMware vSphere


Implement Disaster Recovery for the Cloud with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)


Deploy and Operate your Cloud (Available in English and Japanese)


Address On-Demand Network and Security Requirements for Your Multi-Tier Apps Leveraging VXLAN and Edge Gateway Services


Drive PCI Compliance with VMware vCenter Configuration Manager (vCM) and vShield App


Deliver Your IT Services in the Cloud


Script and Develop Your Cloud Solution with PowerCLI and the vSphere Web Client SDK


Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure with VMware vCenter Operations Manager Enterprise


Secure Your Cloud with VMware vCenter Configuration Manager


Build an IT Cost Model with the VMware IT Business Managment Suite


DynamicOps by VMware – Rapidly Deliver Private and Hybrid Clouds Across Multi-Vendor Environments


Explore VMware vCenter Operations Manager Enterprise New Features (Available in English and Japanese)


Manage the Financial Aspects of your IT Service Portfolio with the VMware IT Business Managment Suite


VMware vCenter Orchestrator – “The Undiscovered Country”


Automate IP Address Assignment and DNS Registration with Infoblox


Manage VMware vSphere and EMC Unified Storage Integration


Implement VMware Site Recovery Manager using the HP Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)


Deploy VMware vCloud Director with Cisco Nexus 1000V and VXLAN


Enable Tenant Backup and Recovery in vCloud Director with NetApp Snap Creator


Security and Compliance in Virtualized Environments with TrendMicro


Like I said – it’s gonna be :

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Man I’m looking forward to VMworld Next week !!


3 thoughts on “The Legendary VMworld 2012 Hands On Labs list

  1. Awesome news! But i still want to know when they are going to put that fish tank app (or whatever the new one is this year) out publicly so i can run it on my lab! That would just be cool!

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