Introducing the vLabs at EMC World

I just got back from San Diego this week where I was helping out in the “Hands on Lab” at the local VMware User Group meeting.  What a fantastic turnout !!  I think I heard they had over 250+ attendee’s and lots and lots of VMware focused vendors.  The lab was a great success and lots of people were able to get some hands on time with a few of our products which is always cool !!

So, speaking of Hands on Lab – I got a quick glance of some of the #vLabs ( @Kiwi_Si, @teeglasgow, @Horn_Chris, @lynxbat ) has been working on these last few months for EMC World.  O-M-G it’s amazing!!  So, here is just a glance at the self-paced vLabs you will be able to get your hands on:

•    Atmos
•    Ionix UIM
•    RSA Archer
•    VMAX
•    VPLEX
•    Avamar
•    Isilon
•    RSA envision
•    VNX
•    VSI PlugIn
•    Greenplum
•    RecoverPoint
•    VAAI
•    VNXe

All of these are running  virtualized in our 200 seat “Hands on vLab” cloud environment!!.  If you’ve spent time trying to explain to your management why they should let you go, or you want to show them the justification when you get back, then make sure you book your time in the vLab.  By the way, let me be clear, when you arrive at EMC World and if you want to do the Hands On Lab make sure you make your way over to the vLab area and enter in your name and the labs you want to use.  We will then escort you to your seat and your lab will begin.  It’s as simple as that!!

Also, for you social media minded individuals – we will be using #vLabs hash tag, in addition to the #EMC and #EMCWorld hash tags to help spread the word about the #vLabs so if you plan to attend, or once you are done – feel free to send out a Woot!! With the #vLabs hash tag !!

So, the Net-Net, GET TO EMC WORLD 🙂  If you have any questions – feel free to leave a comment!!


5 thoughts on “Introducing the vLabs at EMC World

  1. I just tested the VPLEX lab internally – its pretty cool. While VPLEX is neat in and of itself, the complexity of an entirely on-demand, cloud based, VMware based lab environment is even cooler, at least to me.

  2. Ya I couldn’t agree more !! I’m in the process of testing out the UIM Lab – but the pure magnitude of this on-demand cloud and the things people will be able to get their hands on is just impressive !!

  3. This looks really cool, wish I was going to be there. I’ve seen UIM demo’d and I know enVision (capital V :>) really well because I used to manage it, but I don’t know any of the other products very well (yet).

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