VMware vExpert 2011

So, I’ve been having a pretty great week and then it just got SOOOO much better when this e-mail arrived in my vTexan inbox !!

Dear Tommy Trogden, 

We’re pleased to designate you as a vExpert 2011 as recognition of your contributions to the VMware,
virtualization, and cloud computing communities. You’ve done work above and beyond, and we’re delighted to communicate more closely, to share resources, and to offer other opportunities for greater interaction throughout the year as we continue to grow knowledge and success in the community of IT professionals. Welcome to the vExpert 2011 Program!

And my year just got even better !!!  I’m super excited and very humbled to get this.  I would like to thank John Troyer and his social media team for putting together such a cool program like they have with vExpert that recognizes contributions to the community.

Now, with this comes some added pressure!!  Being on the vSpecialist team is humbling/stressful enough, but when you add vExpert to this, it takes it up a HUGE notch.  I’m looking forward to up’ing my game and trying to do everything possible to add more to the community.

Stay tuned !!!


VMware vExpert 2011 !! 🙂

4 thoughts on “VMware vExpert 2011

    1. Thanks Charles – i really appreciate it !!! Now hurry up and get down here to Texas !!! We need some Brocade love in the EMC Dallas/Austin/SanAntonio and Houston offices !!

    1. Thanks Jason !! I appreciate your kind words. Congrats on yours as well !! Looking forward to the updated vCalendar for vSphere.Next !!

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