The Great Scavenger vHunt at VMworld

One of the many things I enjoy about working here at EMC is the attention they pay to Social Media.  I’m a huge Social Media fan, especially the ability to push information (good/bad or indifferent) out for others to use.  As we get closer to VMworld, and shortly after, you will start to see this in full force.  A bunch of us on the vSpecialist team will be publishing all sorts of stuff – so check back often !!

In an effort to drive more visibility of some of the things we will be doing at VMworld, the EMC Social Media team, along with Intel, VCE,Cisco,CSC and Brocade have put together something like a scavenger hunt called #vHunt.  We will be giving away 3(ea) nice give-aways EACH DAY, from Netbook, Ipads, Nanowatches, Xbox connect. To participate you just need to have a twitter account (FREE) and I would recommend a twitter client on your smartphone or other device.  Keep a running search through your twitter client for #vHunt to see the questions/hints/tips/tricks to win.

To help you find those of us that will be tweeting during this time, the vSpecalist that will be participating will be wearing distinctive hats and in most cases wearing our much heralded vSpecialist shirt :).  In hindsight, the hat choice was easy for me.  The thought was to wear something that spoke to our personality so being @ vTexan on twitter and blog, I needed something that showed that.  In this case, a Cowboy hat (I should standout like a sore thumb) made a ton of sense.  I’m not the quiet or shy one so I figured if you are going to wear something, then OWN IT.  In other words, go big or go home 🙂

By the way, Matt Cowger one of the vSpecialists on the team participating in this endeavor wrote a little about the vHunt game on his blog.  Check it out for more details.

So, when you get to VMworld, make sure you fire up your twitter client (and start following me 🙂 )and start looking for the various tasks/fun stuff some of us will be doing.  I’ll warn you now, most of us are ADD so our attention spans are short 🙂  I doubt we will be doing a lot of coordinating of things, more than likely it will be a free for all.  The winners will be the ones that participate via twitter using the #vHunt hash tag (that’s VERY important).  You might participate a little, or a lot but all we ask is that you have as much fun as we will be !!  With 10 or so prizes to give out during the week the odds are pretty good in your favor 🙂

For my fellow #vHunt specialists? Feel free to comment on the hat you will be wearing, as well as your twitter account for those to follow in the comments section below !!

See you guys at VMworld !!


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