Setting up ODBC for View 5 inside vCenter 5


Let’s do a quick recap of what we’ve done so far. 

The next step of the View install is to go to vCenter and install VMware View Composer.  The first step of that process is to create the ODBC connection to our newly installed SQL 2008 R2 instance. This will be the first time we see if our SQL 2008 R2 server went in without any problems because if it didn’t, we’ll see it below.  SPOILER ALERT 🙂

1. Remote console into your vCenter 5 VM and then click on Start, Programs, Admin Tools, ODBC

1 - Start - Program - Admin Tools - Data Sources ODBC

2. Click on System DSN and then click Add

2 - click System DSN - then click Add


3. You will be adding a SQL Server Native Client 10.0

3 - you will be adding a SQL Server Native Client 10.0

4. Fill in all the Database info we created from this blog post:

4 - Fill in the name of the DB - description and server name

5. Then enter the user account info we created in that last blog post as well as the password – Click next:

5 - change to With SQL Server Authentication


5b – if you ran into the following error message:

  • Connection Failed:
  • SQLState: ‘08001’
  • SQL Server Error: 5
  • [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]Named Pipes Provider
  • Could no open a connect to SQL Server [S]
  • Connection Failed:
  • SQLStateL ‘HYT00″
  • SQL Server Error: 0
  • Login Timeout Expired

DOH - issue

If you ran into this issue, click over to “Troubleshooting View 5 ODBC Connection Errors

Hopefully you didn’t run into this error so let’s just keep moving on.

6. Select the VMwareView5 Database from the drop down menu

6 - Select the VMwareView5 DB from the drop down menu

7. Let’s test everything and see if it works

7 - everything should fly through - click test data source

8. Perfect – let’s move on to the next step.

8 - should test just fine


Now on to install VMware View Composer on the vCenter 5 server.




7 thoughts on “Setting up ODBC for View 5 inside vCenter 5

  1. Hi im new to this and i found this issues when i tried to install sqlserver on windows 2008 R2

    for sql installation after creating database u need to start sql browser else the odbc cannot detect yr sqlserver

    in sql server configuration u need to select sql server and windows authentication mode because by default it chooses windows authentication mode

    im not sure if anyone else encounters this issues just sharing what i found

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