Consolidated List of EMC EUC Reference Architectures


Are you an EMC Employee, partner or customer wanting to see a consolidated list of EMC’s End User Computing Reference Architectures and or Proven Solution Guides? Heck, are you a competitor looking for this stuff as well!! Then look no further Smile 

I seem to get this request a LOT, and thanks to Jim Sanzone (@theSANzone) our ROCKSTAR vSpecialistezbutton EUC Focus Group Manager (how about that for a title on the ol business card) pulled this list together and published it on EMC’s “Everything VMware at EMC”.  Don’t let the VMware part of that site fool you, we actually have some Citrix Xendesktop on XenServer guides on that site as well so go check it out:

Because I’m all about making my life easier and as I’ve gotten older, my memory for things has gone down hill quickly so I created a really quick link on my site that I can rattle off to others as they ask.  You can see it mention at the very top of this page or you can simply go to

Easy Peasy just the way I like it !!



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