VMworld Sessions–its time to vote

If you are on twitter, there is no doubt you saw a slew of “VMworld Sessions – time to vote” tweets that went out recently.  For those of you NOT on twitter, and you plan on attending VMworld 2012 – its time to vote Smile 

It looks like there are a ton of solid sessions worthy of votes, and thanks to the Filter Button, you can search out for specific topics, or speakers.  Let me walk you through how that works down below. Smile

In the mean time, I thought I’d call out a few of the sessions I’m a part of and would appreciate your vote on !!

    • Session 2050 – The Most Important Virtual Desktop Security Best Practices –there are 9 of them
      • Outline:

This session will focus on the top ten virtual desktop security best practices using real-world customer deployments as well as demonstrations to show how to implement the practice using VMware tools such as vShield. We will also be discussing third party tools and solutions, such as HyTrust and RSA Technology as well as well as looking at new solutions like VMware’s Project Octopus as a more secure solution to Dropbox-like unsecure cloud solutions.

For each best practice, we will show:

· The Threat & What happens if you DON’T implement security

· The Best Practice

· Real-World example of how this practice protects against the threat

      • Speakers:
        • Erin Banks – @Banksek
        • Me – @vTexan
    • Session: 2559How Heritage Auctions (HA.Com) Leverages vCenter Operations for Total Infrastructure Monitoring across their enviornment during critical auctions.
      • Outline:

This session will describe how an online auction business uses vC Ops to monitor their datacenter performance during critical auction sessions.  We will talk, and most importantly demonstrate how they are heavily leveraging the vC Ops Solution as well as it’s ability to utilize 3rd party plugins to monitor everything from their Cisco UCS Servers and Directors, to their various EMC solutions and all the way down to certain environmental conditions in the data center.  We will demonstrate examples of infrastructure monitoring outside of traditional vC Ops implementations.  This will include live demos of VM performance, Storage Performance, Host hardware performance, route/switch information and data center environmentals.   We will also take you through a demonstration on how they utilize vC OPS to troubleshoot issues that come up during day to day operations.  Troubleshooting starting at the Application Layer and going through the Virtual Machine, into the ESXi Hosts, into the Physical network, into the storage arrays controllers and all the way to the drives.

    • Speakers:
      • Brian Carpenter – VP of IT for Heritage Auctions (@vtBrianC)
      • Me (@vTexan)
  • Session: 2893 – Tips and Tricks for Setting up you own low cost VMware vSphere Home Lab or Test/Dev Environment.   
    • At the end of the session, we will be giving away Home Lab Equipment like an Iomega Home NAS solution to help get your home lab off the ground to some lucky winners !!
    • Outline:
      • This session will focus around an installation guide for building your very own VMware Home Lab.  We will talk through utilizing things like VMware Fusion/Workstation all the way up to using VMware ESXi running on dedicated servers or desktops.  Do you have a $500 or less budget? How about $1000? $2000? We have can show you how to best use those dollars to maximize your lab ! Not to mention, Live demo’s of the various lab equipment and costs per lab. We can show you solutions that meet that price point. We will also discuss lessons learned from the 4 panelist in building their home and test/dev environments.    We will talk thought home networking gotcha’s, will discuss Operating Systems Licensing and where to spend most of your money when designing the perfect home lab!!  We will also emphasis the importance of a solid network and active directory/DNS as the key to the success of your home lab.
    • RoundTable Speakers:
      • Kendrick Coleman (@KendrickColeman)
      • Nick Weaver (@Lynxbat)
      • Brain Carpenter (@vtBrianC)
      • Rob Peglar (@Peglarr)
      • me  (@vTexan)

There are a lot of other great presenters, and would encourage you to vote for them !!  In the mean time, if you need help figuring out how to vote – allow me to walk you through the process in my best “HowTo” Guide approach Smile


1st – go to www.vmworld.com

1 - Main page


2nd –  log in.  If you’ve attended VMworld in the past, use the same credentials, if this will be your first time, create new credentials. 

3rd – To use the filter option – click “Filter Option” Smile

 3 - click on Filter

4th – Pick one of the many ways to filter, in this case lets just do a search for Trogden (me Smile ) – type it in, and then click submit.

4 - Type in Filter name and click submit


5th – And here are the results. (Green is good Smile ) I would great appreciate the votes !!

Green is good


Good luck to all of those that submitted papers !!  Feel free to leave your session ID and topics in the comments sections !!  I’m going to be spending the next few days reviewing some of the other sessions and then I’ll vote !!

Thanks in advance if you choose one, or all three of my sessions !!


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