Free VDI training videos from TrainSignal


First and foremost let me point out that TrainSignal (@TrainSignal) is a sponsor on this blog site.  BUT I’d like to point out that I loved them before they were a sponsor Smile

Thank god for Social Media (Twitter and Facebook in this case) or I would have totally nadamissed these little gems of FREE Videos !!  I first saw this come across David Davis’s twitter account (if you aren’t following him, you are crazy – @DavidMDavis) and then I saw it post to my Facebook timeline.  So – note to others – get on twitter and follow some people !!

Anyway, for those of you that follow my blog you know I have a soft spot for End User trainsignal-computer-training-videosComputing.  I spend some of my time working with customers that are way down the path of deploying Virtual Desktops and I also work with others that are struggling to get their hands around this ever changing world.  Anyway, here is an AWESOME collection for those of you that are in the beginning stages of getting a better understanding of VDI.  David Davis of TrainSignal does an awesome job of going through some of the top solutions.

Intro to Desktop Virtualization <—Main YouTube Page for the videos.

Lesson 1 – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Overview

Lesson 2 – What is Desktop Virtualization and VDI

Lesson 3 – Desktop Virtualization vs Terminal Services

Lesson 4 – Microsoft’s Desktop Virtualization Solution

Lesson 5 – Citrix’s Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Lesson 6 – VMware’s Desktop VirtualizationI have to disagree with David on his description of VMware View being geared towards large, or very large enterprises.  I have lots of customers running 50’s and 100’s of desktops.  Not sure what his definition is of large (very) enterprise. Smile

Lesson 7 – Next steps in Desktop Virtualization

Lesson 8 – Installing Citrix VDI-in-a-Box

By the way, if you liked the videos, make sure you check out Trainsignal’s Website.  They have some great Computer Based Training Modules around VDI.  Here are some examples:

VMware (View and vSphere) Training –>

Citrix Training –>

So, if you are looking for some FREE training, make sure you check out the YouTube Training !  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.



PS – Hey @TrainSignal – how about a course on hints/tricks to managing WordPress.Org!!

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