Getting Your Hands Dirty With ViPR


One of the most requested conversations I’m asked to present on, other then End User imageComputing, is EMC’s Strategy as it relates to the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).  As you can imagine it’s a big conversation.  It seems I get the most questions and excitement when I bring up ViPR which is our Software Defined Storage (SDS) Solution for the datacenter. The more (and different) types of arrays they have is usually a good indication of how much more they are interested in better understanding all the different ways ViPR can help. 


Now, in some cases getting into the weeds of how the bits and the bytes work is not necessary.  BUT for those that crave the “Oh ya…prove it” than this recently announcement from EMC should make you VERY VERY happy. I’m some times a bits and bytesimage type of person and nothing drives me more bonkers than timebomb’d software evals.  It seems that about the time I have it all up and running the way it’s suppose to, the time runs out.  I certainly understand and appreciate why these companies put timebombs on their software but it still drives me crazy.  In ViPR’s case, EMC has released this as a “Not for Production” use agreement.  You can download it here “ “ What’s even more cool is the community of people that are going to be supporting this in the EMC Community Forum Site.  If you want a more “responsive” answer you can always buy it Smile

So with that said – roll up your sleeves and head over to download the software.  On the site is everything you need to get this up and running.  You will also see the community site imageyou can post your questions, do research on issues you might run into etc. 

One last thing – if you have a need to better understand this technology for your production environment, ask your EMC Partner or EMC Account Team to bring in an ASD-SE (Advanced Software Division Systems Engineer) to come in and chat with you more about VIPR. 




Thanks and have fun with ViPR !!


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