VMware Events in July

It seems that July is turning into VMware Month.  The amount of information that will be rolling out of VMware in the next 2 weeks is mind blowing.  Just to make sure nothing gets lost in your inbox I’ve pulled together some of the most interesting dates you need to make sure you circle in your calendar.

First things first, July 12th is going to be a HUGE day for VMware.  If you are a VMware customer or a potential customer you want to make sure you are in front of your computer at 11am CST for their big announcement.  I’ve been told that is has more information then a possible product release.  So, make sure you attend.  Here is the link:

Raising the Bar, Part 5 – <- Go Sign up !!!

The second big thing, at least in my opinion is for customers/prospects that are interested in a “Deep Dive” discussion around VMware View and design best practices.  This is a 9 part Bootcamp Series and each day a topic will be discussed.  This is an EXCELENT opportunity to get free training on View.  Here is a brief description of what will be covered:

In this nine-part bootcamp, we will show you how to get started and successfully roll out and deploy your virtual desktops and applications. We will have sessions covering everything from storage and networking best practices to PCoIP tuning and optimizing your base image. We will also touch on VMware’s new security server for PCoIP and how you can take advantage of powershell to write your own scripts for View.

I’ve been speaking with a lot of customers lately that are really interested in VMware View and VDI in general.  Make sure you attend this 9 part series.  Try and make it to each of the sessions for a  chance to win “something”.  No idea what that “something” might be, but just wanted to point that out !!

Here is the link: www.vmware.com/go/viewbootcamp

So, as you can see July is going to be a big month for VMware.  I’m looking forward to the July 12th big announcement and will be dialing in to as many of the view bootcamp sessions as I can !!



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