Installing View 5 Desktop Agent in Windows 7 64bit

Quick recap of what we’ve done so far:

As you can see from above, we are getting pretty close to being done.  So far I’ve taken you through the VMware View 5 install process and all the stuff 3 - Splash Screen for the Agent installthat goes along with it.  Now we are at the next phase.  Its time to setup a desktop to be used.  My assumption is you have already installed Windows 7, service pack’d and hot fixed it as a VM.  You’ve added it to the domain and made sure that VMware Tools is installed and you’ve checked the box for “Time Sync” in VMware Tools.  This next process is all about getting this desktop ready to be used as a Virtual Desktop.


Let’s RDP into the desktop and install the View Agent !!

1. You should have downloaded VMware-View-Agent x86_64)5.0.0-481677 (or whatever the most current version is) and it should be saved on your desktop.  Double click it.

2 - Click on VMware View Agent


2. Let’s get started – click Next on the Installation Wizard screen

4 - Click next on install

3. Click through the End User Patent Agreement

5 - Agree to end user patent agreement

4. Agree to the License Agreement and click next

6 - agree to the license agreement

5. Just keep the defaults and click next.

7 - keep the defaults and click next

6. This is the last step before the installation, just click install

8 - click on install

7. If everything went well, you will see the “Installer Completed” message.  Click Finish.

9 - looks like everything installed fine - click finish


8. The last step is to reboot the desktop.

10 - time to reboot


That’s all there is to be done.  It really is that easy.  The next step is to actually create a desktop pool and entitle some users to it !!




5 thoughts on “Installing View 5 Desktop Agent in Windows 7 64bit

  1. WHAT IS NEXT? how do you connect to server for vmview5??? i am trying to start at home job and i am one of the FEW who cannot connect! i have no idea why it just says connecting to desktop for 5 minutes then times out, i have tried 5 different server addresses and i need this fixed NOW. please help me. i am using windows 7 64 bit.

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