Installing VMware View 5 Connection Server in vSphere 5

Now it’s time for the final installation for our VMware View 5 environment.  Wevmwareviewlogo1 need to install the connection server.  This is also sometimes referred to as the connection broker since this is the part of View 5 that the end users actually log into and pick (if they have a choice) which desktop they will be using.  In most cases, it’s just one desktop but there is certainly reasons to have multiple desktops depending on your end users needs.  The View Connection server needs to be installed in a standalone Windows 2008 R2 Virtual Machine.

Let’s do a quick recap of what you should have done so far:

Lets cut to the chase and get VMware View Connection Server x86_64-5.0.0-481677 installed:

1. Download and click on VMware View Connection Server

0 - click on VMware View Connection Server Icon

2. The familiar splash screen should take off.

1 - Install Connection Server

3. Click on Next for the install part of this fun

2 - Lets get this installed - click next

4. Click next again

3 - click next on end user paten agreement

5. Yet another license agreement to accept – or not 🙂

4 - Agree to the license agrement

6. Choose the folder you want to install it at.

5 - choose the folder you want to install to

7. Since this is our first install, we will go with Standard Server. 

6 - Select Standard Server

8. Let it configure the windows firewall automatically.

7 - Let it configure Windows Firewall Automatically

9. Review the config and lets click install.

8 - review - and click install

10. Looks like install is done.

9 - Install complete

11. You should have noticed during the install that you get a new icon on your desktop that says “View Administrator Console”.

10 - you should see View Administrator Console on the desktop

12. Click on it, and then “continue to the website”

11 - click on the Admin Console - and then choose continue to website

13. And you are DONE !!!  Log in to make sure it all works well

12 - log in as admin


Another EASY PEASY install !!


13 thoughts on “Installing VMware View 5 Connection Server in vSphere 5

  1. hola, la fabrica para la que trabajo me ha instalado una aplicacion de estas en mi pc (que es propiedad de la fabrica), deseo saber para que sirve si es para usala yo o si es para usarla ellos y con que fin. gracias.

  2. Hey I was just following your direction
    How to install SQL 2008 R2 in your vSphere 5 Home lab
    we setup the VMware View 5 Database inside that SQL Server
    we setup our ODBC connection for View 5 inside the vCenter Server
    We troubleshooted View 5 ODBC Connection Servers
    we installed VMware View Composer 2.7.0 inside our Windows vCenter 5 server.
    we installed VMware View 5 connection server in vSphere 5
    Setting up View 5 Connection Server for the 1st time.
    Installing View 5 Desktop Agent in Windows 7 64bit
    How to install VMware View 5 Client on your Desktop

    but I’m little bit confuse in these step…
    I have two host in my work environment HS22 blade
    one another server as v Center server..
    and m going to connect Client on your Desktop

    pls help me out w8 steps i have to follow…
    because their is some problem in last step of View 5 Client on your Desktop
    i tried a lot but cant connect win7 client to connection server i used win 7 home basic 64 bit OS.

    1. are you sure you loaded the Agent into the desktop? if so, then did you take a snapshot of the desktop after it was done? did you go through the pool creation process ?

      1. yes i did all those thing can u pls give your email id so i can send you all the snapshot,
        and i also install client on my other laptop win XP sp3
        but the problem is same

  3. and one more thing i install connection server on Pentium dual core, 2.5GB RAM, win 2008R2 64bit os….
    is it fine or i have to install it on virtual machine…

  4. Hi there… great articles.. thanks for the SQL help (not a SQL person so it was very helpful)..

    Note 5.1 of Connection server has put in a few more screens:
    1) wants a password set for the recovery files
    2) it is now asking for an Initial View Admin account… I just used administrator but not sure what best practice should be and is this used long term (I know it says Initial but initial to what?)

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