Setting up your iPad to connect into VMware View 5

Setting up your iPad to connect into VMware View 5….Let’s be honest, the only really “cool” reason to run VMware View 5 in the home lab is its ability 0 - Logoto use their native VMware View Client for iPad !!!   As the last part of our install series, we are going to use this process to validate that all the hard work has paid off.  Once you are done with this blog post, you should successfully log into one of your View desktop !!

Here is a quick recap of what we’ve done so far:


This is a quick HOWTO setup your iPad to connect into your brand new VMware View 5 environment.

First things first, VMware recently did a REALLY nice update to their View Client.  They added the following features into an already feature packed application:

  • Optimized for VMware View 5 with improved performance
  • Support for iOS 5 including AirPlay – <—FTW !!!
  • Presentation Mode for use with external display and AirPlay <—Can’t WAIT to test this!!
  • Embedded RSA soft token simplifies login to desktop
  • Background tasking to move between Windows and iOS apps
  • Updated look and feel
  • Integrated online help
  • Buffered text input for multibyte text entry
  • Bug Fixes

So, now lets install the VMware View for iPad 1.2 client to your iPad – it can be found here:

1. After you download the Client, you will see the below ICON on your iPad – click on it.

0 - Logo

2. Since this is your first install, you need to “Add View Connection Server”.  Click it.

2nd - Opening Screen

3. Type in the name of your View Connection Server

3rd - add in the connection broker info

4. Accept – Continue past the security certificate

4th - accept the certifictate - click continue

5. The end user will add their AD credentials (or in my case, my admin one). 

5th - add in your credentials

6. Based on your credentials, you should see desktop pools that you’ve been “entitled” to.  In this case, we only have 1 pool so that’s the one we see.  Lets click on it to proceed.

6th - you should see the pools you are entitled to - click on the pool

7. BOOM !!!  Looks like ALL is setup correctly !!!

7th - BOOM - our desktop is up

8. Notice some of the gestures that are available to you in the iPad App.

8th - you will see gesture helps9th - more gestures

9. If you sneak over to View Manager – Pools – Inventory – you will see that Desktop-01 has been connected to by a user.  Composer also fired up another desktop as part of the rules we setup to keep 2 up and waiting at all time.

10 - check out the pool usage


THAT’S IT !!!  WE are DONE !!!  Congrats on deploying your View5 environment in your home lab.  Now go play around with the various settings and features. 



4 thoughts on “Setting up your iPad to connect into VMware View 5

    1. you have to have your iPad on the same network ? If so, you just need to add the connection broker into the iPad Horizon View App and click connect.

  1. Also i’m getting an error while adding on the vCenter to the Connection server “The Connection has failed” and timestamp. can also help me with this,,,?

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