VMware vCenter Operations–Tell your Story contest

I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the killer contest the vCenter Operations Team has rolled out for VMworld.  As most of my readers know, next to VMware View, vCenter Operations is my favorite product that VMware has rolled out. 

As more and more customers are virtualizing their datacenters and moving to automation and orchestration tools (Cloud), it’s becoming more and more clear that reporting, box covertrending and monitoring tools are necessary if not mandatory!!. vCenter Operations (vC OPS)is that perfect solution.  What I REALLY like about vC OPS is their “Adapter Plugins” that expand it’s reach outside of the vSphere Environment and allows customers to bring in all sorts of third party devices.  In fact, at EMC World this week EMC launched the first fully supported vC OPS Adapter for the VNX product line.  You can read more about it here on VMware’s website: http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2012/05/tighter-integration-between-emc-vnx-storage-and-vmware-vcenter-operations-announced-today.html  This is tied to a lot of work that Clint Kitson (www.vElemental.com) and Matt Cowger (http://vmsarefreeright.wordpress.com/ ) has done over the last year as a skunkworks project that took off once some of the EMC brass was able to see the value.  It only took a few moments before they were “All in” with moving forward.

Cover of contest

If you are using vC OPS today, VMware wants to hear about it !!  They are looking for some of the most compelling uses of vC OPS in customers environments.  The top 2 most compelling stories will get a Ticket to VMworld 2012 (1 customer for USA and 1 customer for EMEA) you will also get to Co-present in session and to top if off, you’ll be treated to Dinner with the panelist.  2nd place prizes will be $500 Amex gift cards !!  Not too bad if you ask me !!  And I’m sure we can talk Duncan into tossing in a pair of autographed books while he’s at it Smile  I’ll even buy the books for him and Frank (@FrankDenneman) to sign for you !!

I’m honored to be one of the judges along with David Davis (@davidmdavis), Eric Sloof (@esloof), Duncan (he needs no last name, @duncanYB), Marin Klaus (@mklausevm) and the MAN with the plan himself, Ben Scheerer (@BenScheerer and @vCenterOps).  By the way, if you aren’t following these people on twitter, you are CRAZY. 

Anyway, with all contests here is a few of the criteria that we are looking for:

Judges will consider entries for organizations based in NA / LATAM (for VMworld 2012) and EMEA (for VMworld EMEA) only

  • 40% of judging score is based on originality of the most authentic, impactful and creative story.
  • 20% of judging score is based on definition of value to your business in time savings (OPEX), capital saving (CAPEX), or even ability to avert / plan for impactful events occurring in your environment, or anything else.
  • 20% on presentation of visuals / layout – e.g. use of custom dashboards, use of screenshot to display issues, videos
  • 10% Unique uses of vC Ops – custom dashboards, adapters, etc..
  • 10% A description of any evaluation done of other tools considered, or replacement of any existing management tools/methodologies

Lots more information can be found here: http://www.vmware.com/landing_pages/vmware-vcops-story-contest-promo.html so make sure you read up on it and then get to work on your submission !! 

Submit your entry using the Online Form @ vmware.com/go/vcops-story between 12:00 am PDT, 5/13/2012 and 11:59:59 pm PDT, 7/11/2012.  So get going !!

I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing the submissions and I’m sure its going to be a tough decision so hurry up and get your entries in !!


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