How to install VMware View 5 Client on your Desktop

How to install VMware View 5 Client on your Desktop is the next task we need to do.  Especially if you don’t have an iPad that you could test like we discussed in my last blog post.  In fact, let’s recap what we’ve done so far:

So far we’ve covered a TON of ground in installing and configuring VMware View 5.  All that hard work is about to pay off !!  This is the last part of making sure everything we did worked !!  Now, if you happen to have an iPad and you read my last blog “How to setup your iPad to connect into VMware View 5” and it worked, then you know everything is done !!  If you don’t have an iPad then this blog will be our defining moment :).  This is another easy install of “next, next, next” so lets get right to it.

First thing you want to do is on your desktop surf over to your View Connection Server but this time leave off the /admin at the end.  When you do that you will see the following options on the screen:

1 - choose the type of client you want installed - i selected View Client (64-Bit)

Download the View Client (64-bit) (32MB) version for now.

1. Double click on the VMware-ViewClient-x86_64 icon to kick off the installation.

Install Icon

2. Click Next

2 - click next

3. Click next on the End User Patent agreement

3 - click next past the end user patent agreement

4. Click on “agree” on the License Agreement and click next.

4 - click on agree - and click next

5. Keep the defaults and just click Next

5 - keep the defaults and click next

6. Now enter in your View Connect Server Name:

6 - put the name of the connection server here

7. For the Enhanced Single Sign On, I just left it with “Show in connection Dialog” since I would be testing with different user account for it.

7 - keep the default and click next

8. Choose what sort of shortcuts you want added to where.

8 - choose if you want shortcuts

9. Verify the info and click Install.

9 - verify you are good to go and then click install

10. Once that is done, it will prompt you to reboot. 

11 - Restart your systems

11. Once the reboot is done, you should see a new icon on your desktop called VMware View Client.  Double click on it.

VMware View Client Icon

12. Verify your View 5 connection server information is correct and click connect.

12 - After Reboot - launch the VMware View Client

13. Click on the Continue button on the certificate window.

13 - Accept the Certificate

14. Enter in the user name credentials you will be using for this.

14 - enter in your credentials

15. Notice the pools that have been assigned to this user.  In this case, we just have one but it’s possible to have many pools assigned to a user.

15 - notice the pool that has been assigned to me

16. Select the pool and click Connect.

16 - select the pool and click connect

17. If everything worked, then you should get a desktop out of the CallCenter Pool and you are good to go !!!

CallCenter Pool Desktop is provisioned

All of that hard work paid off !!  You now have installed, configured and deployed VMware View 5 with a Windows 7 Desktop !!  AHHHH YAAAA.

Easy Peasy !!


10 thoughts on “How to install VMware View 5 Client on your Desktop

  1. Excellent guide so far but the “we installed vmware view 5 connection server” link is pointing to the “installing Composer” page.

  2. I followed this entire guide and everything seemed to go well. When trying to connect to a desktop out of the pool, I get an error message that says “This desktop currently has no desktop sources available”.. I did see two new desktops create in vcenter and I powered them on but still no luck..

  3. I am getting the same issue as Daniel C and don’t know what to do!!!!
    in the View Console in the status of the provisioned desktop it is stuck on “Customizing” status.

  4. Yep. I’m having the same problem as Zuhair and Daniel C.
    View Admin says “customizing” on the provisioned desktops and if I try to connect via view client, “This desktop currently has no desktop sources available”

    Also, I can’t ping the provisioned desktops, but I can log into them via the console on vCenter. I’m sure customization didn’t complete because they aren’t yet joined to the domain. I did see the computer accounts in AD, though.


  5. hi, your instruction really helped me, and i finished it successfully, and I really appreciate your help, but i have a problem, and that is how to connect a Thin Client to VMware View 5.1 server? 🙂

  6. I am getting an error. and the error is

    The Desktop currently has no desktop source available. Could you please guide me?

  7. Hi,

    I am trying to install VMware-viewclient-5.2.1-937772.exe ( x32 bit) but its failing with the message failed to install the hcmon driver. Then i installed .net framework 3.5 SP1 as it was mentioned in VMware site as the resolution for the above said problem. Even after that i am getting the same error.

    Please giude me



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